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Power generation and the transmission and distribution of sustainable electrical supplies to communities across the continent are a fundamental aspect of Africa's infrastructure roll-out. Without adequate energy to support the electrifcation of the continent, the developmental goals so critical to the success of our emerging economies will remain unattainable. Altron Power Zambia is working to deliver world class solutions to facilitate the achievement of Africa’s electrical supply ambitions and economic growth potential.

We are a provider of comprehensive solutions for the establishment of greenfield and brownfield turn-key and are strategically focused on offering and maintaining service excellence.

From concept through to commissioning and handover, Altron Power Zambia manages all aspects of substation design, including civil work components.

These comprise:

  • Substation electrical designs, including verification of high voltage equipment requirements,substation layout drawings, earthing system designs, protection and control schemes and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) design systems.
  • Substation civil and mechanical designs, including civil layout, substation buildings, equipment foundations and equipment support structures.
  • Design of interfaces with the existing electrical system to ensure a working solution for the client.

By using our team’s unique knowledge and experience we provide cost effective solutions to clients across all sectors. The company is product agnostic, which allows us to source the best products for specific projects, according to our client’s requirements and budget as well as sourcing expertise if required.

Altron Power Zambia provides solutions in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standards as well as South African Standards (SANS).